13 Tools To Make Any Entrepreneur’s Life Easier

Starting your own tech startup from an app idea is a worthwhile journey, but that doesn’t mean you won’t come across obstacles. And while every aspiring entrepreneur has their own challenges waiting for them, that doesn’t mean they need reinvent the way are productive with every new try.  

There are a lot of tools out there to keep you organised and above the water. Some you might know and use, some you might just discover now. What we can tell you is that the list of products and tools we put together for you acts as a survival kit for any aspiring entrepreneur. Get started with productivity and project management tools, kickstart your research, stay focused and use the starter marketing kit to put your best foot forward.

With this selection of tools, you’re making sure your journey doesn’t get sidetracked by process issues. Instead, focus on bringing real value to your users and make your startup dream a reality.


Productivity tools


Do you need to keep all those projects and tasks in order for your fledgeling startup? Worry not, Asana will keep you on top of everything. Asana is fun to use because it’s versatile; you can organise your tasks in to-do lists, calendars or boards, or switch between these views. You get a lot out of the free version that can serve up to 15 team members, and the paid subscription unlocks even greater features to help you organise more complex projects.


Probably the neatest notebook cross-device application, Evernote is the place to go to dump ideas, meeting notes, recordings, attachments and scans and then make sense of them. They also have a great community you can check out, where you can find templates for organising tasks from making a meeting agenda to putting together a business plan.


In many ways, Airtable is the perfect match between task manager and spreadsheets. It lets you organise anything in any form, and then view it in any way that best fits your workflow. The part we liked most is the ongoing support and tips and tricks suggestions you get as a new user, helping you to become a power user in no time. And if you’re wondering what it means to be a power user, just check out their case studies.


Boomerang is the tool that saves your face when you’re working with a lot of emails, late nights, or different time zones. It helps you schedule emails so they get sent in the morning instead of late at night, but it also “boomerangs” mails back to your inbox, if you didn’t get a reply for them.



Ever sat on your laptop, desperately searching or looking into your browsing history, trying to find that one article with that one really useful bit of information? You don’t have to go through that anymore with GetPocket. A browser extension/ mobile app/browser platform, GetPocket lets you send articles you find on the web to the GetPocket archive, where you can tag them and search for them later.


Remember good old RSS readers? Well, Feedly is the RSS reader made for today’s researcher. Subscribe to hundreds of blogs, sort them by topic, read the ones that get popular and save articles that stand out in specifically created boards. Feedly is a great tool to stay on top of your industry and to watch your competitors, so we wholeheartedly recommend it for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to do a crash research and learning session.

Just Press Record and oTranscribe

Just Press Record is the iOS power app for recording, transcribing and organising user interviews (or meetings, or  event speeches, or workshops). We think it’s a great tool when you’re out there talking to industry insiders or future users, allowing you to focus on the conversation and summarise the main points later on.

If you’re just looking for a simple tool to help you transcribe recordings, oTranscribe helps you write in your own rhythm, with keyboard shortcuts that allow you to pause, slow down or speed up your recordings.



Headspace is a mobile app that teaches you how to meditate and live mindfully. It has hundreds of themed sessions for everything, bite-sized meditations for busy schedules and even exercises for crisis situations. You might not want to pay the subscription for it, but do try out the free trial to take away some useful methods.


Toggl is a time tracker that you can install anywhere from your laptop to your smartphone or your browser. It helps you organise and tag how you spend chunks of time, sends you reminders to take breaks and puts together weekly reports for you. Once you get over the uncomfortable feeling of being tracked, you’ll soon realise Toggl not only helps you cut down on wasted time, but also make better estimates of how long completing a task will take.  


Workflow is an app for iOS mobile devices that helps you combine a bunch of steps across apps into a single tap. Collect workflows like these to save time and effort every day, making PDFs, controlling your media, pulling data from the web, or transforming content as you see fit. Everywhere you can share, your workflows are there.

Marketing starter-kit


SquareSpace promises to let you look like an expert, right from the start. Is the non-techie’s go-to service when they want to put together a website quickly, without any hassle. Get your hosting and domain in a few clicks, then put together your website starting from pro templates. You can customise anything from colours, fonts, images and sections.


Buffer in a one-in-all tool to manage your social media accounts. You can schedule posts, keep track of your analytics and use its image editing extension, Pablo, to create great visuals for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you get busy kickstarting user acquisition for your app, make sure you also check out their blog for valuable insights.


MailChimp has made a name for itself as one of the first companies that made email newsletter and analytics fun. Today, they’re still the go-to-place to start email marketing. Between the easy-to-use interface, list segmenting, customisable automations, and a great resources blog, MailChimp will set you up to get into the inboxes of your supporters and users in no time.

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